Timahdite est une ville du maroc. Elle est située dans la région de Meknès Tafilalet, à 1800m d'altitude en plein coeur du Moyen Atlas, dans une zone au climat rude.
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 Norms and society

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مُساهمةموضوع: Norms and society   الأحد مايو 03, 2009 3:04 pm

Though culture changes through time, norms may not. They drive us to behave this way and not that one. Our behaviour, then, is cultural but not necessarily a correct one. Virginity of woman, for instance, is necessary, otherwise society would reject her; even it was the force of circumstance that was the cause behind losing it. What about man, doesn't he have virginity to keep? We're still in a society in which woman has to be judged but not man. A man may have more than a relationship before, and even after, he gets married, yet his first condition, after beauty, is to marry a woman who had no relationship with another man, forgetting that he was the reason behind losing the virginity of a woman or two. The virility of man is completed only if his wife is still virgin till the night of marriage. This, too, represents the nobility/sharaf of the family, and it is complete only when parents, in some areas of Morocco, announce their daughter's virginity in public. So, if norms may help in building a strong society, they may help in its destruction, too.
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Norms and society
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